Swimming and The Benefits

Swimming and The Benefits

We all know the benefits of regular exercise at all ages. But as we age, the impact of running and weight lifting can take a toll on our bones. Swimming is a great way to stay active while remaining low impact. Many seniors take advantage of all the pool has to offer.

Benefits of Swimming

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Swimming is a great way to keep your heart healthy and in shape. Swimming can be as good of a cardiovascular workout as running or walking, but with a much lower impact on your joints. Having a healthier heart will also lower blood pressure.

Core Strength

An important part of stay fit is to keep your core strong. For seniors, improving core strength can help to prevent falls and maintain a good balance.

Social Interaction

Many pools offer group activities such as aquafit. Working out with like-minded people boosts mental health, reduces stress and can reduce feelings of social isolation. It’s important to feel part of a community.

Reduces Chance of Disease

Swimming can help to reduce many diseases that seniors are susceptible to. These can range from Osteoporosis to arthritis. A few days in the pool can improve bone density and muscle mass.

Reduce Weight

Going for a swim can burn just as much if not more than other forms of exercise. If you are trying to control cholesterol or just shed some pounds, swimming for 30 minutes can burn up to 250 calories.