Senior Healthcare Costs to Save For

Senior Healthcare Costs to Save For

If you don’t have a great healthcare plan or your basic provincial healthcare doesn’t cover certain things, it’s important to save for unexpected costs that can arise from getting older. At Riverside, we aim for the highest quality of life for our residents, but nevertheless, you should have some money saved for these things.

Unexpected Healthcare Costs


While we may be getting new legislation on dental care becoming a basic medical need, it’s important that you save for any costs associated. These can be things such as dentures, root canals, tooth loss, darkening teeth etc. These things can come about suddenly and most need to be treated fairly quickly.

Vision Care

It’s known that as we age, we are prone to vision problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy. These are the most common problems that seniors face in terms of their vision. You should check which are covered under your insurance provider as these can be long-term costly health issues.

Hearing Loss

One of the most common problems, as we age, is the loss of hearing. While everyone will have some kind of hearing loss, it can be especially impactful for seniors. Many times expensive hearing aids are required. One way to protect your hearing is to wear earplugs or special fluid-filled ear muffs. Social interaction is important for many seniors and hearing loss can negatively impact this.

In-Home Care

Especially common with much older adults is the need for some kind of in-home care system. This is something that many insurance companies have heavy restrictions on so it’s the most important thing to save for. Even the smallest fall or accident could result in the need for in-home care assistance.

At Riverside Senior Living we actively look after the wellbeing of all our residents. We will be offering a new Wellness Centre soon to help keep you active and healthy.