Save Money Moving to Riverside!

Save Money Moving to Riverside!

Keeping on the trend of our last post on moving tips, the last thing we want you to spend money on while moving is the actual task itself of moving. Whether you’re moving across the continent or just a couple of blocks from your current location, it can really add up.

Save Money When Moving

Below is a list of the top five ways you can save on your next big move:

Purge your junk

Several moving companies base their fees on variables such as weight and how many vehicles the move requires. While you’re packing up all your stuff for the move, make sure you get rid of the stuff that you don’t need or have use for.

You can even earn a little extra money by setting up a garage sale before the big move. Anything that isn’t sold can be donated to various charitable organizations. More often than not, they will even come and pick-up the items. 

Use secondhand boxes

If you know a move is in your near future, start saving your boxes from daily purchases. Or, even if the move is a last-minute surprise, you can often ask local businesses for boxes and they will happily supply them to you free of charge.

Ask for help

Many people that move to our Residences need a little help. This is the time to ask family and friends to help you complete your move to us. It can be dangerous to move heavy items alone.

If you, or someone you know, owns a truck or a van, ask for help. Maybe these vehicles won’t be big enough to move all your bigger furniture, but you could take several trips to transport the smaller boxes. Just make sure you label the boxes so that you’re not confusing your fragile boxes with others.

Compare prices

Shop around and definitely DO compare prices.

Transport-only option

Book services early

Off-season (summer months are busiest)

These are some great tips and we really hope they can save you some money. We look forward to seeing you at Riverside soon!