Moving In With Someone New

Moving In With Someone New

Moving is stressful enough, but it’s even more stressful when you are trying to move in with someone else. Combining two households into one is a challenging task. Where to start? Let Riverside Senior Living help you. Our 2 bedroom residences are perfect for 2 people.

Moving 2 into 1


You have to talk with your partner openly and honestly about your expectations from the new living arrangement. Can’t live without certain things? Well let them know now and eliminate the risk of it becoming an issue later. Make a list of all you plan to bring with you and have a discussion about those items.


Take a look at yourself and your items and throw away anything that isn’t needed anymore. Don’t become a hoarder, you have more things then you need, we guarantee it. Communication becomes a big part here, you need to decide what you can each throw away or not live without.

No Doubles

You do not need two freezers, two fridges, two of anything that can be shared. Discuss who is to throw away what and which item to keep. Just remember that if it’s the stuff that you kept, it’s now BOTH of yours, as they had to throw out or sell theirs. This helps to reduce clutter. For larger items, sell them on sites like eBay or Craigslist or put them away from family. Our suites come equipped with most appliances you will need anyway!

Start New

This is a chance to start over and it’s exciting! Try to purchase some new things together to celebrate the new household you now share. This is stressful enough, so make it fun and memorable as much as you can.

When you are melding 2 into 1 think of Riverside Senior Living for your retirement needs. We have residences big enough for the two of you.