How to Move Into Assisted Living

How to Move Into Assisted Living

Assisted living for an ageing loved one is a great idea for many reasons. A better sense of independence, better safety and security and a host of amenities tailored to residents.  But how to approach the move to an assisted living facility like Riverside? Here we can give you some tips to open talks.

Approaching Assisted Living

Open the Discussion

“Planting the seed” is an important first step in opening any kind of discussion around moving. This can be brought up after a hardship like an injury, or after any complaints that your loved one may have while living alone.senior, mother, son

Take a Tour

Once you have planted the seed and talks have moved forward to a possible move, it’s time to book a tour. At Riverside, we offer a comprehensive tour of our residences and amenities they offer. A tour will help to alleviate any fears that your loved one may have, we highly recommend it.

Have Options

If you approach with the idea of assisted living being an already made decision, you may be in for a fight. Remember to keep options open, some alternatives to assisted living may be in-home care, or a part-time caregiver to help around the home. By keeping the options open, your loved one will feel more in control of their situation which is the goal.


The most important thing about any move at any age is the location. You do not want to make your loved feel as if they are being put away somewhere far away from family. We understand the importance of social and family interaction for our residents. It’s always important for anyone to have family close at hand. Here is Riverside Senior Living we are in the heart of Courtenay, BC, close to many exciting amenities.

If you are opening talks with a loved one about a potential move, book a tour with us today and let us show you how amazing Riverside can be.