Ensuring a Healthy Diet For Seniors

Ensuring a Healthy Diet For Seniors

Having a healthy diet is important in all stages of life. However, it becomes much more important as we age. Having a well-balanced diet can help control things like Cholesterol, weight and muscle loss. If you keeping eating as you did in your 20’s you may be at risk of heart disease and stroke.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet For Seniors

Recognize Barriers

If you are caring for a loved one, you should be aware of some of the things that could prevent a well-balanced diet. This is especially important if your loved one is currently living alone, and knowing the signs early can be critical.

  • Lack of transportation to and from grocery stores and markets
  • Digestive tract issues such as lactose intolerance from old age
  • Inability to properly cut and prepare food
  • Fear of using certain appliances like the Oven
  • Appeitie loss from certain medications
  • Not knowing how to maintain a proper diet

These can all be overcome with some creativity and if the issue is medical it’s important to seek information from your doctor.

How to Eat Healthy

If your loved one is struggling to maintain a healthy diet, there a few steps that you can take to help.

  • Plan weekly trips to the grocery store or market and stock up. This way you can ensure that what your loved one is buying is healthy and can be made into a variety of different meals.
  • Home delivery services. Supermarkets such as Save-on offer home delivery which can be very helpful when access to transportation is difficult.
  • Senior meal programs. Here is Courtenay there are services like Valley Home Meals who cater to older adults in need of healthy balanced meals.

At Riverside Senior Living we offer fresh cooked meals for our residents. All suites have a kitchenette; and includes daily continental breakfast and two plated meals prepared by our culinary team.