Senior Joint Care

Senior Joint Care

As we age taking care of joints is an essential part of staying healthy. In seniors, it becomes even more important to keep joints strong. Having strong joints allows for greater mobility and independence.

Joint Care For Seniors

Why Are Joints Important?

Joints are the connects at the end of our limbs that allow for movement. Whether it be your elbows, hands or legs, all are equally important. Some common joint problems are Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. There are some simple ways in which you can keep your joints healthy.


An important part of a healthy diet is having 2-3 nutrition-rich meals a day. Each meal should contain vegetables, fruits and fibre. You should avoid foods high in saturated fats, processed foods and foods high in sugar. Keeping hydrated is also a vital part of overall joint health. Vitamins such as Calcium and Vitamin D are able to help protect joints. These can be taken in supplement form or from different types of foods.

Weight Management

Keeping a healthy weight is essential in joint health. The more you weigh the more pressure that’s added to your bones and joints. Having proper nutrition will help to manage any weight problems that you have. Having a daily exercise schedule also increases the strength of your joints and tendons. This can be a simple as a daily walk or doing some light weights in a gym. If you are overweight, the chance of injury from falls also increases.

At Riverside Senior Living we take pride in keeping our residents happy and healthy. We are currently working on a Wellness Centre that allows us to take an even greater step in keeping our residents healthy.