Valentines Day Ideas For Seniors

Valentines Day Ideas For Seniors

With Valentines Day coming up quick we thought we would give you some cute ideas on how you can celebrate this special day. Valentine’s day can be a tough time for seniors if they have lost loved ones, but we can try to make it as happy as possible.

Valentines Day Ideas For Seniors

Movie Marathon

Pick out some of your most-loved romantic movies and enjoy a day of binging those great titles. Snacks would be ideal here, something valentines themed would be even better. Need movie ideas? Check out this great list.

Make a Meal Together

Pick something that you both like but don’t have very often and make it together. This will help to bring you closer and it will be extra special since it’s homemade. This can be done with family, friends or your significant other!


At Riverside we LOVE valentines day, you can get in the valentines spirit by decorating your residence. Go get some paper, glue and scissors and let your imagination go wild. Need some ideas? Here is a list to get you started!

Look at Old Photos Together

Dust off that old photo album, sit on the couch with your loved ones and flip through the pictures you probably haven’t seen in years. You will be surprised by all the memories that come flooding back. This is sure to bring out happy feelings about times gone by.

Help a Neighbour Out

If you know anyone who might be feeling down this valentines day, take any of these ideas and head on over! Making someone else feel special and noticed on Valentine’s day might be the best activity that you can do!

At Riverside Senior Living we love Valentines Day and try to make it special for all our residents. Interested in coming to see our facility? Book a Tour today!